Spellbringers Guide

Binding spell – A spell meant to bind one’s magic to another. Reversible. Strength depends upon the Spellbringer or Demon performing the spell. Can also depend upon the use of strengthening agents (blood, lock of hair, etc)

Blood Bond – An ancient spell invoked between two blood relatives. Often used by the patriarch of the family to partially claim the magic of his relatives in order to provide protection. A Blood Bond can also be formed if a significant amount of blood is consumed. This sort of bond is not a magical contract, but it does create a lasting connection.

Blue-fire – A cold, blue fire that burns into ice instead of ash. Usually associated with dark magic.

Central – Central Headquarters.  Houses the administrative and training facilities for Spellbringers all over the world.

Claiming spell – A spell used to claim another’s magic. This spell is often performed by a parent to mask a child’s magic until the child is old enough to train. Historically, Shifters granted Demons the right to claim their children’s magic. A claiming spell was used to perform this magical contract.

Claiming Words – A spell spoken between Spellbringers. It shows intent to form a lasting Bond, and though it’s not a permanently binding magical contract, it is nearly impossible to break.

Demon – Immortal being. A Demon is a Fae who made a conscious decision to take the dark path.

Demon-fire – Fire unique to a Demon. Rare gift in Spellbringers. Can incinerate instantly. The only fire known to kill a Demon.

Demon Mark – (Sometimes called a Mark) A tattoo used to mark a human or Spellbringer as a demon’s property. A semi-permanent claiming spell which can only be reversed by a proper counter-spell. Used by Demons to claim a Spellbringers magic.

Empath – An Empath is a Spellbringer who feels the emotions of others as his or her own. Typically, Empaths have very strong psychic abilities and often, but not always, have some skill in Telepathy and/or Telekinesis.

Examiner – An employee of Central who works as a liaison between First Watchers and Central. They provide administrative support; ensure that Spellbringers are properly trained and protected; and oversee official investigations.

Fae – Ancient magical being whose existence largely died out thousands of years ago. It is rumored that some Fae still exist in remote parts of Africa and Norway.

Hunter – The offspring of a Demon father and human or Spellbringer mother. Hunters are created when the mother’s magic is not strong enough to endure the pure dark magic of the Demon. An incomplete magical Bond results in damaged offspring—the Hunter. Hunters are cunning, but driven solely by instinct. Historically, Hunters were created by Demons in order to form a magical army; however, in recent times, most Hunters are loners and unguided by their patriarch. They are driven by the need to hunt, and they thirst constantly for the magic of their victims. Their eyes typically burn red when prey is nearby.

Innocent – A Spellbringer who is unaware of his or her heritage.

Link – Telepathic communication between two or more persons.

Path – A temporary telepathic link between two Spellbringers. One Spellbringer (usually a Protector or Watcher) holds a magical link to the other Spellbringer’s soul. A Path is a one-way connection. The Path-holder is in control of the link; therefore, Spellbringers should be very cautious when choosing to allow another Spellbringer (or Demon) to form a Path to their soul.

Perception – The ability to sense magic and magical ties. Spellbringers with Perception often possess some level of Empathy and/or Prediction.

Prediction – The ability to predict the future. Prediction is a variant gift, since the future is never set in stone. Spellbringers with Prediction usually have no control over this gift. They receive random flashes of insight, but are rarely able to divine the future at will.

Protector – A WTB trained individual who is officially assigned to provide protection.

Shifters – Spellbringers who have chosen to work for a Demon.

Spellbringer – Descendents of human and Fae who possess magical abilities.

Spell Master – A Spellbringer who undergoes extensive training in the use and execution of spells.

Telepathy – The ability to communicate by sending and receiving thoughts.

Watcher – A Spellbringer who has been trained and sanctioned by Central. They work in various capacities, overseeing the protection and training of other Spellbringers.

Warrior – A four-year trained graduate of WTB. They are charged with the elimination of Hunters and Demons, but also fulfill other duties as needed, including protection, cleanup, and damage-control.

WTB – Warrior Training Bureau. A training facility for Warriors and Protectors.