Spellbringers Characters


Shy, introverted Alisa Cole has been ostracized by everyone at Cooper High, including her own cousin, Becky. When Jace moves to Oaktree, Alisa immediately casts him in the leading role of all her daydreams and fantasies, but she knows he’ll never return her interest. She discovers Jace’s secret while walking home from school one day, and that’s the beginning of a new life for Alisa. Friendship, romance, and even danger is in her immediate future. Does this shy young woman have what it takes to face the challenges awaiting her?

Age: 16 at the beginning of Book One
Favorite Song: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings


Rachel is the girl who has it all, but sometimes having everything is more of a curse than a blessing. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and in possession of an ancient magic sought after by Hunters and Demons alike. Her world is turned upside down when Jace moves to town. As her past is revealed and secrets are uncovered, Rachel is forced to accept her new reality before it’s too late. 

Age: 16 at the beginning of Spellbound
Favorite song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Favorite literary genre: Paranormal Romance
Favorite sport: Softball


When Jace’s family moves to Oaktree, Georgia, he achieves instant popularity at Cooper High. The most sought-after girl in school expresses interest in dating him, but he prefers to keep company with Alisa, the shy, introverted girl who saves him from a Hunter. Jace has inherited a variety of magical talents from his powerful family, but he tends to slack off on training, much to his parents’ displeasure. With dangerous forces bearing down on Oaktree, Jace is forced to prioritize his training, both for his own protection, and to protect those he loves.

Age: 16 at the beginning of Book One.
Favorite movies: LOTR Trilogy
Favorite video game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Bryce can often come across as intimidating or even rude. Indeed, Alisa’s first impressions of Bryce are not very favorable. His harsh, abrasive personality is softened somewhat when his family moves to Oaktree. As he learns to cope with his older brother’s death, Bryce strikes up an unlikely friendship with the one person who never thought she’d be able to tolerate him.

Age: 19 at the beginning of Book One
​Occupation: Warrior in Training


Though he visits for a very short period of time, Mordecai’s brief presence in the Alexander household has a lasting impact. Mordecai’s name is associated with the revelation of an earth-shattering secret, and with some very serious accusations.

Age: 19 at the beginning of Book One
​Occupation: Warrior in Training 


Mikael Vincent is one of the more popular visitors to the Alexanders’ home. Friendly, helpful, and honest, Mikael inspires trust in everyone he meets. 

Age: 20 at the beginning of Book One
​Occupation: Warrior in Training