The Fifth Circle

Sean is no stranger to darkness. He’s overcome a dangerous addiction, struggled with mental illness, and faced relentless bullying by his peers. His best friend, Alex, has always been there for him, but when he falls in love with her, he replaces his online gaming obsession with a possessive interest in her. 

​Alex’s survival depends upon her ability to lock memories of her troubled childhood deep inside her mind, but an unhealthy relationship with Sean causes dark visions of her past to rise to the surface. Sean’s obsession and Alex’s complacency collide, resulting in tragedy. 

Together, Sean and Alex live in a hell of their own making. One will escape at the expense of the other. Both will discover why Dante chose to condemn the Wrathful and the Sullen in the Fifth Circle of Hell.

The Fifth Circle is a novel for older teens and New Adults. Some subject matter might not be suitable for younger teens. Parental discretion is advised. 

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